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Hovercraft clubs and organisations

Hovercraft clubs and organisations 

The fascination for the air cushion vehicle (ACV), better known as a hovercraft, captivates many people, young and old, around the world.

Its seemingly amazing ability to float above land or water is based on a few principles (see Introduction to Hovercraft and Hovercraft Construction) and makes for a fun and educational hobby.

Many (technical) schools and other institutes offer the possibility of starting the construction of a hovercraft or related vehicle such as a ram-wing craft as a school or personal project.

Constructing a hovercraft yourself or with a group of people provides insights into many other disciplines besides the air cushion principle.

Joining a club has the added benefit of pooling information and getting help in all facets of hovercraft building and maintenance. 

Clubs around the world organize races and other events together or independently, giving builders, young and old, the possibility of showing off their craft and sharing information.

Many clubs do not have web sites and it's sometimes difficult to obtain information. And many clubs that do have web sites are too difficult to find with the help of a search engine unless they are set up to do so.

So if you are looking for a local club it might be best to check with your local administration, sports or educational council. Any official club will need to have been registered as such.

For a list of Hovercraft clubs and associations worldwide that do not have a web site you can find their contact details at the World Hovercraft Federation web site.

Hovercraft clubs

North America

Canadian Hovercraft Federation (CA)
Hover Club of America (USA)
Hovercraft Club of Canada (CA)
The Hovercraft Cruising Club (USA)


African Hovercraft Federation, Durban (ZA)
Hoverclub of Gauteng (ZA)

Your club not mentioned here? Send us an email with the details to Victor at Links999. (Non commercial only.)


DiscoverHover is an international build-a-hovercraft program that offers free membership, free hovercraft plans, a free newsletter, and support from leading experts to teachers, youth clubs and students.


The Hovermail Collectors' Club (UK). Since 1968 this hovercraft club has issued a quarterly newsletter of hovercraft operations around the world. The wealth of hovercraft history stored in those pages must be impossible to find elsewhere. Collectors, being collectors, add to their theme. Hovermail collections now include timetables, tickets etc. A big collecting area is postcards. New interests continue, tea towels, pottery mugs, souvenir spoons, die-cast models etc. all enjoy being added to serious collections.

Hovercraft racing

Hovercraft racing events are organised by many hovercraft clubs around the world.

The hovercraft used for racing are various - from the garage-built vehicles to professional racing craft. The F1's of hovercraft racing are sleek, powerful craft, capable of high speeds, whereas the smaller F25 are lighter hovercraft.

Formula Junior are hovercraft built for the younger amongst us, age 11-16 using hovercraft up to 250cc.


Hovercraft racing UK 

European Hovercraft Federation - Racing hovercraft construction requirements (.PDF file).

Hovercraft Books and Information on construction, design and other issues


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