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Hovercraft models

Model size hovercraft 

If building a full size hovercraft is not your thing, consider the fun of building a model size hovercraft. Tired of radio controlled cars and boats? Understandably, as they are so limited in their method of transportation. Boats cannot be used outside of water and cars generally need a smooth surface to work well. 

And while planes and helicopters are a lot of fun, they can also be very expensive and fragile. One good crash and it's "back to the garage" for repairs.

Not so with hovercraft. You can have your model size hovercraft race across a much varied course, which includes, roadways, water, swampy areas, grass, mud, you name it! 



Model size hovercraft companies

Goldstein Hovercraft
Fun Educational Easy-To-Build Model Hovercraft Kits, including solar powered RC Hovercraft. Build Hovercraft Models designed by Goldstein Hovercraft or design and construct your own.

Goldstein Hovercrafts -

Model size hovercraft schematics and support

Hovercraft Models - radio controlled hovercraft plans  

Hovercraft Books and Information on construction, design and other issues


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