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Hovercraft in use

Hovercraft in use

Except for the many fun uses of hovercraft on a personal level, the professional use of hovercraft include Search and Rescue, Mass Transportation, Recreational, Research and Military uses. 

Hovercraft are being used as passenger ferries, for instance across the English Channel, where they transport passengers, goods and vehicles across in less than half an hour. They are far less susceptible to wave motions even in bad weather and as such provide a much smoother crossing. 

Military and Rescue hovercraft are exceptionally suited to various tasks as they are not dependent on road conditions and can quickly move across the various terrains in pursuit of their goal (see Military Hovercraft). 

The popularity of hovercraft has seen a marked increase in the last decade, with many practical uses for a hovercraft being recognized and exploited.

Rescue and surveillance companies and institutions, as well as the need of the scientific and environmental research communities, have found that a hovercraft can go places other "all terrain" or four wheel drive vehicles simply cannot go. The military in particular have, not surprisingly, embraced the hovercraft as a vehicle for many uses (see Military Hovercraft). 

Environmentalist organizations, for example, have taken to using hovercraft in areas, especially wetlands, swamps and other sensitive water systems such as rivers, because of the hovercraft's low impact on the water life beneath the surface of (shallow) waters and its ability to use the river itself as a "road surface" where there are no other.

Particularly in swamps and wetland areas the hovercraft's ability to travel across water-soaked land as easily as water or through reeds has made it ideal for this type of work.

The Brazilian Amazon river system parks, the mangrove swamps of Bangla Desh, the Florida (USA) Everglades National Park and the Louisiana (USA) wetlands, for example, have all benefited from the abilities of the hovercraft to aid in nature conservation and exploration.

The somewhat negative side of hovercrafts being used for exploration is by oil companies, who use the hovercraft's abilities to reach remote regions, such as jungles and river systems, to help set up (huge) drilling operations, which greatly disturb the local wildlife.


Hovercraft in use


Hovercraft and Tourism 

Hoverlink Sweden - HoverLink Sweden provide a complete new technology in Stockholm Archipelago Commuter services. Our hovercraft operation will offer much faster passages, all year round, to a low price and to a minimum of environmental cost.
HoverGo (AUS) - Promote the ues and attributes of recreational and light commercial hovercraft for ecotourism and exploration of marine parks






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