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Military hovercraft


Except for the many fun uses of hovercraft on a personal level, the professional use of hovercraft include Search and Rescue, Mass Transportation, Recreational, Research and Military uses. 

Military and Rescue hovercraft are exceptionally suited to various tasks as they are not dependent on road conditions and can quickly move across the various terrains in pursuit of their goal. 

Most military hovercraft however are amphibious air cushion vehicles, used for landing troops and equipment, rather than transport over land or water.

Many armed forces around the world now have military hovercraft in their arsenal.

Military hovercraft

U.S. Marine Corps: "Boats that fly" - Operation "Iraqi Freedom" proved the hovercraft's worth as military assault vehicles. (2003)

USMC used hovercraft in Operation "Iraqi Freedom" - military hovercraft Links999.

GlobalSecurity - Overview of the amphibious assault military hovercraft history.
The U.S. and Malaysian Naval Forces training exercise in 1999 includes the use of LCAC - Air Cushion Landing Vehicles. Article by CARAT Task Force Public Affairs.
Jane's: "U.S. Navy and Marines expand their horizons" including the use of LCAC's. (2000)

LCAC (Landing Craft Air Cushion), pictured here loaded with equipment and entering the well deck of the USS Wasp - Links999 military hovercraft.

Exercise "Tandem Thrust '97" sees the use of U.S. Navy air cushion vehicles. Article by Defense Link.

U.S. Navy exercise "Tandem Thrust '97' - military hovercraft Links999.

Analisa Defesa (Defense Analyst) (I) - Greece acquires Russian built Zubr-22 military hovercraft. (2001)

Russian Zubr-22 military hovercraft - Links999 military hovercraft.



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