• Commerce and trade
    You got what I want and I'm willing to trade for it. Does money still have a future in Utopia?
  • Education
    The need to know. Will it ever stop, and should it?
  • Energy
    The force of life in Utopia. Energy drives us all and everything we have.
  • Food and agriculture
    You are what you eat. "Waiter, the menu, please!"
  • Government
    "Take me to your leader." But do we still need them in a Utopian gestalt?
  • Health
    Who wants to live forever? It's a very long time so maybe not. But what about staying in perfect health and condition until very old age?
  • Science and technology
    Our new gods; reason and logic. Life, the universe and everything.
  • Society
    Live and let live is the open secret of Utopian society.
  • The natural world
    Gaia takes care of herself and she will certainly take care of us if we don't watch it.
  • Food news
    You are what you eat. And what you don't.
  • The perfect population

    Over-population, or the art of breeding ourselves out of existence.

  • Sex and genetics
    Do we really want to burden our offspring with our inherited failures? 
  • War for resources
    I got what you want and you're not getting it, not without a war anyway.
  • Government economics
    Shock horror. Government economics is not about filling your pockets at taxpayers' expense.
  • Lessons of the past
    Endlessly repeating failures, or successes. The choice is ours.
  • Education and technology
    Technology is one of the keys to good education. Click and learn.
  • Problems of over-population
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