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Machine or artificial memory

Machine or artificial memory

What is memory?

Memory is the ability to retain data for a period of time, short or long. This data can be of a complexity including imagery, sounds, sensations, smells and other sensations like human memory, or it can be predetermined data as in computer memory.

One of the differences between human and machine memory is that we can program and access machine memory through the use of software, but we cannot access human memory in the same straightforward manner. Yet.

Machine memory comes in a variety of types. Below we have listed a sampling of these types. Depending on which type of hardware they are for, computer, computer notebook, printer, camera, computer video card, MP3 player or other device, the chips are different and assembled in different ways.

Memory factors are speed, usually expressed in ns (nanoseconds), number of pins with which they connect, amount of memory in Mb (megabytes) and type of memory access.


There are a number of companies which manufacture machine memory. After the memory crises of the mid-1990's, prices should now stabilise as machine memory is made by more companies than before.

This, however, results in a proliferation of standards, with each manufacturer only making, and designing, memory modules for its own products. Bringing prices up again under the principle of sole supplier.

The following manufacturers either make memory for a variety of companies or only for their own products.

Not all memory chips are of good quality. As properly functioning computer memory is vital to the overall functioning and speed of your computer system, it is good advice to buy a quality brand of computer memory rather than go for the cheapest.

Nature's hard drive

Memory. At the word we think of human memory, and of machine memory. Computer memory.

Memory is a vital part of both machine and animal. Without it we as humans would not have any consciousness and the ability to create. Animals would not be able to survive.

In machines, and especially in computers, memory allows the machine to function in various ways, for example software to be run and data to be saved and processed.

What is machine memory?

What is human memory?

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