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Introduction to radio

Radio definitions

Interested in learning more about how radio works, or do you want to know how to get started or more involved? Countries have different rules and regulations but the principles are the same.

Radio and CB definitions

Radio and CB rules and regulations

Radio history

Radio has been around for a long time. Around the middle of the nineteenth century - we are in the twenty-first now - the first successful wireless message was sent and received. But it wasn't until the early 1900's when the first real transmission was made. From then on there was no stopping it but for more on radio history the following sites offer complete information.

If you are interested in the history of radio, whether it is news radio, amateur radio, commercial radio, music radio, broadcast radio or you are an aficionado of antique radios there are millions of like-minded people all over the world.

Radio history timelines

National radio histories

Military radio histories

Radio station histories

Amateur radio histories

Radio component histories

Other radio history material

Radio history memorabilia

Radio hardware

Whether you are interested in building a radio for listening to music or to get yourself known on the airwaves, there are different ways of achieving this.

Radio kits come in two varieties, for listening purposes and for two way communication purposes. Both can be connected to a computer or serve as stand alone or mobile equipment.

You can buy a complete radio set or you can get a radio card to install in a computer. Both will get you on the airwaves.

Radio kits

RDS Encoder (CZ)
Build your own low cost Radio Data System encoder. Schematics, software and support available.

Radio QRP - The Art of Low Power and Clandestine Transmission
Operate and/or build AM radio transmitters using a bare minimum of components, money and construction skill.


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