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There seems to be surprisingly little objective information available on hovercraft news, and, except for hovercraft companies that build hovercraft and naturally beat their own drum the loudest, there seems to be no single magazine devoted entirely to Hovercraft and related air cushion and WIG-type vehicles.

And here we thought there wasn't a subject left in the world without its own dedicated magazine! Hey, publishers out there - we need a global hovercraft magazine!

The World Hovercraft Organization does publish a free email newsletter, HoverWorld Insider, that is sent to a growing list of more than 13,000 subscribers worldwide. To learn more about hovercraft you can read the past issues.

Perhaps the reason for this lack of organized information is that hovercraft users and manufacturers are a rather loose group.

On the one side there are the commercial companies that manufacture hovercraft for a variety of functions like rescue and exploration, recreational and payload, transport and military.

On the other side there are the hobbyists and enthusiasts, garage hovercraft builders and developers and school and university projects.

DiscoverHover has an international school hovercraft program.

A good thing there is the internet and at least here the many hovercraft professionals and enthusiasts get together to exchange information via news- and chat groups (see Hovercraft Newsgroups).

But just because there isn't a global glossy periodical about hovercraft it doesn't mean we cannot put one together here. Please send us your news and pictures.

See also Hovercraft and Air Cushion Vehicle History.

Hovercraft in the news

Hovercraft in the news



Got an interesting news item concerning hovercraft?

Let us know! (No new product advertising, please.)

Deafblind UK Graham G-Force Hicks achieves a Hovercraft first!
World breaking record by Deaf and Blind man to drive small hovercraft across The Solent, UK. More images and information about this remarkable achievement can be found at HovPod.

Deafblind Graham G-Force Hicks flies Hov Pod 3-man hovercraft across the Solent to the Isle of Wight (UK).
May 2005
Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding New 100-passenger hovercraft ferry delivered for use at Oita, Japan.

Mitsui Engineering's Dream Sapphire 100-passenger hovercraft ferry - Links999 hovercraft news.

Mar. 2003
OneWorld - South Asia India uses hovercraft to protect turtles at Orissa coast. Feb. 2003
Lifeboats International Lifeboats International puts its first hovercraft to use in Morecambe, England. Jan. 2003
St. Petersburg Times
- "Residents say noisy."
- "Friction with county."
- "Owner loses bid for ferry."
Follow the lamentations of a hovercraft company (Hovercraft USA) trying to run a service in St. Petersburg, Florida through the local news articles.
Nov. 2002
Mar. 2003
Apr. 2003
Dredging News Online "Hovercraft could solve wetlands dilemma" - The use of hovercraft to reach remote areas with minimum ecological disturbance.
Ian Fleming.org


James Bond in "Die another day" uses a 'military' hovercraft to make his getaway from North Korean camp guards.

James Bond's hovercraft in "Die another day" - Links999 hovercraft.

But it wasn't the first time James Bond used a hovercraft to make his getaway or give chase. In "Moonraker" he used this 'hovercraft'-enhanced gondola.

James Bond in "Moonraker" makes his getaway with this gondola hovercraft - Links999 hovercraft.


Jul. 2002
Yangtze River, China Three Gorges trekking and an hovercraft for the home run. 2002
Steamboat Willy Follow the development of a hoverclub's manufacturing of their hovercraft "Steam Boat Willy", the world's first human-powered hovercraft.

Steamboat Willy - the first human-powered hovercraft - Links999 hovercraft news.

United Nations - ReliefWeb Japanese military hovercraft helps deliver aid to East Timor. Mar. 2002
The Hindu Newspaper The Hindu Coast Guard's new hovercraft helps protect wildlife mangrove swamp and tiger preserve. Jan. 2002
Analisa Defesa (Defense Analyst) (I) Greece places order for Ukrainian built military hovercraft.

The Zubr-22 Ukrainian military hovercraft - Links999 hovercraft news.

Aug. 2001
The Nation Education - Thailand Thai students built the first Made In Thailand hovercraft.

Thai students built the first Made in Thailand hovercraft - Links999 hovercraft news.

Jan. 2001
HoverSpeed "Hovercraft flies into history" - the end of an era. Sep. 2000
New Zealand Press Hovercraft Inventor Cockerell dies. Dec. 1999
Hong Kong Bird Watching Society Deep Bay Park Rangers use first hovercraft to patrol park for poachers and to minimize disturbance to mangrove swamp environment. Dec. 1999
Christian Science Monitor "Aid that rides on a cushion of air" - hovercraft to assist international aid organisation on the Zambezi river.

Hovercraft used for aid in the Zambezi region, Africa - Links999 hovercraft news.

Jul. 1999
ASI Europe Ltd. (one side of the story) Shell Oil uses hovercraft to access inhospitable areas in Peru, Brasil, Angola and Kazakhstan for oil exploitation.

Local villagers in Angola await the hovercraft used in oil exploitation - Links999 hovercraft news.

1997 -
Project Underground (another side to the story) Shell invades the Amazon with the help of hovercraft.

Offloading fuel for Shell oil exploitation of Peruvian rainforest - Links999 hovercraft news.

Nov. 1997
BBC News "On this day" First Hovercraft show opens in Hampshire, UK.

Show visitors taken on a hovercraft ride - Links999 hovercraft news.

Jun. 1966
The SR.N1 crosses the English Channel. Cockerell's SR.N1 crosses the English Channel - Links999 hovercraft news. Jun. 1959

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