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Bar code scanners are an integral part of the bar code system. Whether handheld or stationary, wireless or cabled, the scanner is necessary.

But not every bar code scanner is the same or is capable of doing the same tasks. Bar code systems are used in many different types of businesses and organisations, from retail chain stores to your local high street shop, global and national postal services, airport luggage transport systems, shipping and warehousing systems, ticketing, travel, traffic and routing control systems, and so forth.

In fact, bar code systems and their underlying databases are rapidly becoming the number one information source for global movements of goods and people.

In each case different tasks are required of the reader. Some need to read small labels from far away, others the opposite, large, intricate labels, such as 2D stacked bar code symbologies, with resolutions upwards from 0.23 mm (0.009 inch) need to be read with high precision and at a high speed.


Different types of bar code scanners

A typical handheld barcode scanner - Links999 bar code scanners.
A typical hand-held barcode scanner.

Stainless steel wand bar code scanner - Links999 bar code scanners.
A wand-type bar code scanner.

Wand type bar code scanner with PCMCIA connector - Links999 bar code scanners.
A PCMCIA wand bar code scanner.

Stationary bi-directional reading bar code scanner commonly used at checkouts - Links999 bar code scanners.
Stationary bi-directional reading bar code scanner commonly used at checkouts.

Bar code scanner types

Bar code printers

Linear readers

Linear bar code readers are designed to read linear bar codes only and cannot handle the complexity of a 2D or stacked bar code. Most scanners in supermarkets are linear scanners as the bar codes used are linear symbologies such as UPC and EAN.

CCD readers and cameras

The more complicated and bar codes, such as stacked and 2D codes need more precise readers to extract the information encoded on the labels. CCD (Charged Coupled Device) readers and digital cameras in particular are highly sensitive image processors capable of reading these complex labels.

Infrared and laser readers

Both infrared and laser bar code readers can, depending on their precision level, read linear and 2D bar codes. The difference here is the technology used.

As is the case with bar code scanners bar code printers are specifically made to print bar code labels of varying complexity. Determine your needs as a business or organisation which printer - and bar code system, for that matter - you need. Simple, linear bar code labels can be printed with a good home office printer using special label stickers.

EasyCodex bar code printer - Links999 bar code printers.
A typical desktop bar code printer.

High speed bar code label printer - Links999 bar code printers.
Industrial / Commercial type high speed /high volume bar code printer.

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