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Bar code verification


The whole bar code system needs software to run. Some systems have their own embedded software but bar code scanners and printers can also be hooked up to a personal computer running Windows, Apple OS or Linux software.

Depending on the system you have you can expand the capabilities of your barcode software by adding specific components such as fonts, Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software for the readers or scanners, inventory control packages, and other administrational or bar code specific programs.


Bar code verification is relatively new to the bar code world. It has come about because of the many complaints of unreadable or improperly encoded bar codes.

Verification of the bar code should be done after the printing of the label as well after scanning it. A properly verified bar code label means that it can be scanned (read) by all suitable scanners, not just the one you are using.

Some organisation and businesses will charge a fine if you use unreadable or incorrect bar codes as this will significantly cost them time and money to correct, if possible.


Bar code font software

Bar code font software is used to print the special character font used by many bar code symbologies.

Bar code printing software

Bar code printing software is specially designed to print bar codes. Depending on the software it can print linear, 2D and stacked bar codes or both.

Some bar codes can be printed by a good quality home office inkjet or laser printer. The more complex bar code symbologies may require a specialised bar code printer, however.

Bar code labelling software

Bar code labelling software is for printing bar code labels. Depending on the bar code symbology you are using or want you may need to get a special bar code printer or label set.



Bar code reading software

Bar code reading software is for controlling your bar code reader or scanner.

Bar code inventory software

Bar code inventory software runs the back office of your bar code system. It updates your warehouse inventory and prints out reports and other administrational information. Depending on the sophistication of the software it can automatically order articles which are going out of stock.

Specific bar code symbologies software

Specific bar code symbologies software is written to use one particular bar code symbology and allows you to fully optimise this symbology according to your needs.



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