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Map Libraries and Institutions of Cartography

The noble art of cartography has seen many faces, styles and politics. When you believe the earth is flat you produce a different map than of a spherical planet, for example.

It would be nearly impossible to list the complete range of maps and charts available nowadays. The range of maps has become as diverse as the different methods used to create them.

Nevertheless, creating an organized system of maps is possible if we divide them into functional categories.

The following institutions, national, academic and private, are specialized in archiving maps in their various forms throughout the ages. Whenever possible, a personal visit is preferred because seeing an old map up close is different than in digital form.




Cartographic Institutions

Institute of Cartography (CH)
Institute of Applied Geodesy (D)
International Cartographic Association
The Association of American Geographers
National Aeronautical Charting Office
University of Waterloo, Canada - Cartographic Materials
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