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Introduction to main boards and PCB's

Introduction to main boards and printed circuit boards

The main board or motherboard is the single most important component of your computer. Some may argue that the processor is the most important, or the hard disk or the video graphics card, but, in the end, none of these would work if they didn't have a main board of some kind to plug in to.

But not all main boards are the same. There are many different kinds of PCB's (Printed Circuit Boards) catering to different needs. In fact, taken down to its basic, PCB's can be found just about anywhere, from your digital watch, to your television, your mobile telephone, the microwave oven, the computer mouse, a digital clock, toys, robots, radios and so forth.

Printed circuit boards can contain all of the information needed to operate the total machine or be a platform on which various components are installed, as is the case with most computer main boards.


This is also the main board we are dealing with here. The one which sits in your computer cabinet, and where all the other computer components are plugged in or hooked up to.

The following sites offer prime information, comparisons or detailed listings about computer main boards, computer memory, the Basic Input Output System (BIOS), or computer Central Processing Units (CPU's).


Wim's BIOS Pages
One of the best sources on the web for BIOS and main board information.

Click here for AMD system configuration information.
AMD Athlon processors.

The FCC's On line Equipment Authorisation Database
Identify your main board manufacturer.

Tom's Hardware Guide
The different types of memory and their use.

Click here for Kingston's product page.
RIMM-type memory.

SysOpt: How to upgrade your BIOS
Clear and detailed instructions on how to upgrade different BIOS's.

General main board information:

See also our Memory page for memory related information.
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