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Peripheral Component Interface (PCI)

Peripheral Component Interface (PCI)

The PCI-slots are one of the most visible areas on the main board. They are white and are more than one, usually between four and six. They may be next to a couple of EISA (Extended Industry Standard Architecture) slots, but are often the only ones on the newer boards as the EISA standard is disappearing (Legacy standard).

PCI is an update from the ISA and EISA standard providing faster data throughput for peripherals. But, as peripherals are being delivered on-board in the form of a chip or get their own slot, as happened with the Accelerated Graphics Port (AGP), PCI may be on its way out.



One other main advantage of PCI is that it can share a single Interrupt Request (IRQ) for several devices. PCI devices are typically video graphics cards, network cards, TV and Radio cards, sound cards and internal modems.

Peripheral Component Interface

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