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Mainboard manufacturers

Main board manufacturers

There are many main board manufacturers building boards of various types and quality. The best boards are made in the USA and Taiwan and Europe, but other factories are beginning to turn out good quality boards.

Watch out for Asian countries who have just begun to manufacture main boards, they do not have the quality control yet we have come to expect. If you are used to avoiding "made in Hong Kong" electronics, avoid "made in China" because Hong Kong products are now labeled as "made in China". With time they will get better.

Other places to watch out for are boards made in the Philippines, Indonesia, Myanmar and other Southeast Asian countries. Malaysia is getting better and Singapore has a good tradition of electronics, but not in main board manufacturing.


A basic rule of thumb, as it is with most products, "Buy Cheap, Get Cheap". Some of the big electronics and computer firms have recently decided to make mainboards as well, like well known processor manufacturers.

These boards are generally geared to support their own brands and are often not as flexible as those made by companies who built boards for a variety of processors and options. Examples are Intel, AMD, IBM, Siemens, Philips, Mitsubishi and others. For trouble free computing get the board as well as the processor from these manufacturers.


Printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing services

The following companies provide the manufacturing of your printed circuit board, whether for prototype or production quantities.

Consider carefully the legal aspects if you have based your design on an existing schematic or printed circuit board.

Prototype Express
Got a great design but can't build it? Let someone else do it.

Precision Circuits West
Provides printed circuit board manufacturing to a large range of companies.

Olimex Ltd.
Double sided, PTH (plated thru holes) PCB prototypes with soldermask and component mark for a great low price.

IBM's Intellectual Property Network
Check here to see whether you have something original or not and to find out who has.

R & J Patent Drafting
Provide you with a patent on your creation.
Intellectual Property Law
Based your grand design on an existing one? Better read this article on intellectual property law.

PCB Pro - Printed circuit board division of ECD Inc.

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