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Introduction to schematics

Fancy a bit of electronic circuit design? Think you can improve on the big boys? Got a great circuit idea? No problem.

With the right software, tools and discipline there is no reason why you should not design your own circuits or schematics. Some of the very greatest of ideas and products originate at home.

Schematics basics

Sam's Collection of schematics
Hundreds of schematics and how to make them.

John Adams
Besides having an informative site about electronics, here is his listing of component symbols.

CircuitDesign (USA) - a leader in providing high-quality, quick-turn printed circuit board design, fabrication and assembly services for the electronics industry.
EE Compendium - Home of Electronic Engineering and Embedded Systems Programming

Schematic design software

While it is perfectly fine to draw out schematics using  rulers and pencil, there are better, faster and even inexpensive ways of doing with the help of your computer.

How to... make a good schematic

For instructions and tips on how to make good schematics, check out the following sites and reference materials:


How to make a good schematic

Washington University, St. Louis (USA)
"Using the ASIC Design Kit for Schematic Driven Layout".
Horowitz & Hill
Rules and practical tips. Examples on what to do and what to avoid when drawing up a schematic.
Radio Shacks' Engineer Mini-notebook series
A handy guide to identifying schematic components.


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