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Solar energy kits and materials

Solar energy systems

A solar energy system can be as simple as a couple of solar cells or panels, the light-electricity converter (which could be a layer of the solar cells) and the connection to whatever needs to be powered.

Larger systems consist of several panels with hundreds or thousands of individual solar cells, powerful enough to light up your home or office or to supply enough clean energy to any number of appliances.

For the home tinkerer there are countless kits and applications available to help you start saving on your energy bill and provide an educational and fun pastime.


Central American Solar Energy Project

A Central American Solar Energy Project was established in 1991 to promote the use of solar energy for cooking in Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica and Nicaragua.

Solar shingles.
Tapping the sun for electricity. Solar shingles are a development of photovoltaic technology. The 162 SunSlate shingles provide daytime electricity for this home in Stroudsburg, Pa.

Solar energy materials and suppliers

With the spread and the popularity of solar energy on the rise, solar energy materials and supplies are becoming more easily accessible with stores and web sites springing up everywhere. The proliferation of manufacturers and resellers of solar energy materials and supplies are the simple proof that solar energy technology is not only clean and safe but also profitable.

Solar trackers

Solar trackers are used to keep the solar cell system focused on the sun, thus maximising its effect on the cells.

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