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Cybernetics News and Journals

Defining and building an automated control system in man-made mechanical-electrical communication systems for comparative studies is only now becoming possible on a limited scale.

The internet itself could be seen as a mechanical-electrical system, but to speak of the internet as an automated control system would be stretching the truth a bit.

The desire to exert control over our environment is a typically human trait. We are arrogant enough to think that, given the time, effort and knowledge (and funding), we can eventually control everything.

We live in a complex organic environment, one which we are constantly consciously and unconsciously affecting with our behavior and technology. But we do not control this environment except on a very limited scale. Often our meddling and experimentations result in unexpected consequences.

So then applying cybernetics would be the answer to the chaos in which we surround ourselves? Perhaps, throughout human history rulers have attempted to gain - and keep - control over their domain.

The earliest civilizations were based on the control and maintenance of water (irrigation systems). The selective breeding of animals and people to obtain improved specimens is also a significant part of history. Where some have been successful, especially in the breeding of (domestic) animals, the breeding of people, especially a superior ruling class, has often resulted in incestuous practices, with all its negative results, or has been met with resistance and distaste.

We could try, however, to apply some control to ourselves, avoid negative consequences to our environment, and leave mother nature to experiment on her own.


Cybernetics News and Journals

Austrian Society for Cybernetics Study - European Meetings

Cybernetics Club UK - A good place to gain information and join in research and discussion
Electronic Journal of Probability - University of Washington (USA)
IEEE - Systems, Man and Cybernetics society
Journal of Systems Research Institute, Polish Academy of Sciences - Control and Cybernetics
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Cybernetics Research and Development

The study of Cybernetics is not a subject which has gained a large popularity in the mainstream of academic centers. However, there are a number of institutions and organizations which specialize in this field.

Understanding a complex mechanism should be a precursor to controlling it. Natural or biological systems have had the time to evolve to their current level of precision, and understanding how they work must be first priority.

Cybernetics Research and Development

American Society for Cybernetics

Bacterial Cybernetics Group (IL)

Concordia University (US) - Educational Cybernetics

Estonian Academy of Sciences (EE) - Institute of Cybernetics

Glushkov Institute of Cybernetics, Kiev (UA)

Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics (D)

Medical Cybernetics (D)

National Institute of Standards in Technology (US) - Cybernetic Building Systems

National Taras Shevchenko University of Kiev - Faculty of Cybernetics (UA)

Psycho-Cybernetics Foundation

Quantum Hologramic Bio-Cybernetics - The Therapy of the Interactive, Analogical Bio-information

Technical University of Kosice (SK) - Department of Cybernetics and Artificial Intelligence

Technical University of Leberec (CZ) - Department of Applied Cybernetics

Technical University of Prague (CZ) - Department of Cybernetics

University of Bielefeld (D) - Biological Cybernetics / Theoretical Biology

University of Bradford - Department of Cybernetics

University of Colorado at Denver (US) - Cybernetics, Systems Theory and Complexity

University of Iowa (US) - Communication Studies and Digital Media

University of Reading (UK) - Dept. of Cybernetics

University of Vienna (AT) - Department of Medical Cybernetics and Artificial Intelligence

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