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Robot hardware and kits

Robotics hardware and robot kits

The hardware needed to built a robot is diverse. It depends on what type of robot you are building. If it is an automated factory worker the hardware could involve all sorts of sophisticated and heavy industry tools.

If, on the other hand, you are working to build a humanoid or space exploration robot, the hardware can be muscle wire, or sensitive lenses, for example.

Robotics hardware

Repairing a robot arm -  Monash University (AU)
CLAWAR - industrial and climbing robot research (UK)
Cricket the Robot - by Henry Arnold
Reconn's World - robot web site
University at Bochum-Rühr (D) - GripSee and TactileSensor
University of Edinburgh (UK) - Division of Informatics, Mobile Robotics Research Group

Robot kits

Arrick Robotics
Robot Store (USA) - kits and all things robot
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