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Androids and humanoid robots

Humanoid robots

Perhaps the most interesting,  challenging and controversial of all the robotics disciplines is to build the android, or humanoid robot.

Making a machine in the image of man is a fundamental change in which we see the universe. Where - in Christian belief - God made man in his own image, we now have progressed to being gods ourselves, creating machines in our own image.

This might not be necessarily anything to be proud about, as humans we are prone to all sorts of negative behaviours. Would we want to bestow these on our creations as well? NO.

Then why build machines with or to our likeness and abilities? Do humanoid robots feel us more or less comfortable than strict machine intelligences with no semblance to us? Is it simply hubris to create them at all?

Perhaps the human form has advantages over other forms, think of hands, for example, and machines that can manipulate their environment as we can may well be beneficial to us and our society.

Whatever the case or reason, it seems androids and humanoid robots are here to stay.

Humanoid robots



Honda - ASIMO, the humanoid robot.
(c) Honda - ASIMO, the humanoid robot

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