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Nanotechnology gallery

Examples of nanotechnology

1*.Simple pump 2*.Fine motion controller for molecular assembly. 3*.Molecular differential gear.

Molecular machinery parts design work by Dr. Drexler includes (1) a simple pump, (2) a fine motion controller for molecular assembly, and (3) a molecular differential gear. Information on free and Open Source molecular visualization tools
*Images reproduced with permission of IMM.


Nanotechnology images and videos


Nanotechnology images, videos and image galleries

Nanotechnology images - NASA Ames Research Center
Nanomedicine Art Gallery
- A unique online collection of original and previously-published nanomedicine-related artwork, graphics, and animations.
DNA Truncated octahedron - Ned Seeman's DNA Nanotechnology, University of New York

Information about nanotechnology

Foresight Institute - Nanotechnology: the Coming Revolution in Molecular Manufacturing
Nano Links on the web - National University of Singapore
Nanotechnology Timeline and nanotechnology pages - Sean Morgan
Nanocentral - eZine about nanotechnology
Center for nanotechnology - NASA Ames Research Center
Nature Magazine - Nanotechnology topics and articles

All images are reproduced with permission from the Institute of Molecular Manufacturing.

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