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Accounting help and newsgroups

Accounting support on the net

Need some more information before deciding which package to purchase? Or do you still have questions regarding the details of your existing statements? We have found these web sites that offer accounting support of good quality.


Accounting Support

Best Accounting - Accounting software and support
BizForms - Accounting support
DacEasy - Sage and other accounting support
SimplyOnline - ACCPAC Support and Community


Accounting newsgroups

There are a large number of accounting and general business newsgroups and forums on the net, most of which will answer or help you with accounting and general as well as specific business issues.

The following list is a compilation of the more widely used and international newsgroups. Using the popular search engines you can find many more.

Accounting forums

Forums of AICPA - Interactive resource for CPAs and other accounting professionals - accounting related forums


Accounting newsgroups

biz.comp.accounting cu accounting course 3220 cu accounting course 4430 cu accounting course 4440 cu accounting course 6420 public accounting government accounting office federal accounting standards advisory board
japan.soc.audit discussion for the system of the accounting audit in japan and the CPAs
microsoft.public.industry.accounting accounting, bookkeeping, tax advice
relcom.accounting everything about book-keeping uk accounting, auditing and taxation
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