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1 Watch a tiny, magnetically powered robot construction crew go to work 1302
2 Total recall: Japanese robot finds lost things 1804
3 With 24 high-tech fingers, Japan robot washes hair 1861
4 Image A robot developed by Darmstadt University of Technology (L) controls the ball while facing the Free University of Berlin's robot at the RoboCup German Open 2011 in Magdeburg 1749
5 Robots massage, clean, and amuse at CES 2139
6 Robot waiters in China never lose patience 2072
7 A Samurai robot waiter trundles its way down the aisle to serve a group of diners their orders at the Hajime Restaurant, Bangkok, Thailand. 1939
8 Japanese electronics parts maker Murata Electronics' robot named Murata Seiko-chan displays its unicycle-riding skills 2030
9 A researcher demonstrates how the Smart Cleaner works at the Taipei Invention Show 1891
10 A technician looks at NASA's Mars Science Laboratory rover 'Curiosity' 1947
11 NASA and General Motors have developed a humanoid robot called Robonaut 2 1964
12 Restaurant owner Lapassarad Thanaphant holds a tray of food in front of a robot waiter 2625
13 Robot modeled on real woman developed by Osaka University team 2097
14 An English-teaching robot stands in front of children at a primary school in Daejeon, South Korea 3599
15 A cybernetic human HRP-4C robot creates expressions like anger and surprise 2326
16 A humanoid robot "HRP-4C", developed by Japanese institute AIST at the Ceatec exhibition 3245
17 Customers check out a shop in Beijing that uses a robot dressed as an usher 2136
18 Humanoid robot Kobian shows an emotional display of 'disgust' during a demonstration at Waseda University 2235
19 Cooking robot Okonomiyaki pours the ingredients for okonomiyaki (Japanese flour cake) 2539
20 A robotic hand produced by Japanese robotics company Squse picks up a piece of sushi 3279
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