Human Development
  • Advertising   ( 5 Articles )
    Advertising let's you know what's available and according to the package every product is the best. But who to believe? The truth is out there.
  • Accounting   ( 4 Articles )
    Accounting is the practice of summarising, reporting and analysing financial transactions. It's where accountability starts. What's your recipe?
  • Business   ( 1 Article )
    Business has many forms and ideologies. It is our system of exchanging goods and services. Empires have risen and fallen over business practices. How does your garden grow?
  • Education   ( 3 Articles )
    Education is one of the key components to a full and prosperous life and society. It's fundamental to our development. Are you getting enough of it?
  • Employment   ( 15 Articles )
    Doing something meaningful and rewarding with your time and knowledge is essential for a healthy and fulfilling life. What's your day look like?
  • Eugenics   ( 2 Articles )
    Sex and genetics. Isn't it time we improve the human race? Nuff said.
  • Global war for resources   ( 4 Articles )
    With more people and more economic development comes a greater demand for resources. It's simply not possible for all humanity to have the same lifestyle, we would need a few more Earths to do that! Time for another war.