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Introduction to scanning

Scanning technology

When you need to get a picture or other data into a computer, a scanner is an excellent way of doing so. But there are other scanners besides image scanners.

For example, professionals in law enforcement, fire departments and other organisations use radio and citizen band (CB) scanners to communicate. The medical profession uses ultrasound and magnetic resonance image (MRI) scanners. Stores, shops and supermarkets use barcode scanners.

The science community uses infra red, spectrometry and other scanners in astronomy, chemistry and other disciplines.

What are scanners

Electric Pages / Fenton
Gives an explanation of image scanner terms.
What Is?
What is an image scanner?
What is an optical scanner?



Image scanner software

To get the image into a computer you need software. The scanner usually comes with installation software which takes care of connecting the scanner to the computer. This involves installing the TWAIN drivers. To work on the image you can use almost any graphics or drawing package commercially available. Often one will be included with the scanner.

Multifunctional scanners

As technology advances with rapid strides, it is still miniaturising. And we are not talking about nanotechnology even, but office equipment. Where once we needed a separate room, then a separate table for a copier, a scanner, a printer and a fax machine, we now need just the corner of the desk for all four. Here's a top of the line example.

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