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Changing jobs but staying at your company is something which happens often. For various reasons people are in need to do different work or change particular aspects of their current jobs. One of these reasons might be:

  • Boredom with having done the same work for a long period of time.

  • Loss of motivation because the work is not interesting.

  • As a lateral career move to improve knowledge about the company or the work involved.

  • As a preparation for a promotion within the company or elsewhere.

  • Problems with colleagues or superiors.

  • Dissatisfaction with the workplace environment.

Whatever the reason may be to want to change jobs within your company there are several logical steps to take to bring this change about.

  1. Find out whether there are relevant job openings and whether you are qualified.

  2. Find out what the job contains in terms of work load, pay and benefits.

  3. Find out how to apply for the job.

  4. Plan the transition from your current job to the new one.

Let's take a look at each of the causes for wanting to change jobs and the possibilities within your company.


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Relevant job openings

As with any job change you need to find out whether there are any interesting positions available. This may apply even more strongly if you would like to stay at your current employer. While the general job market has a potentially unlimited number of jobs, chances are your current employer doesn't.

Not only that, the job you really like could very well be occupied already. While assertiveness is encouraged, it is not right to unjustly discredit someone just to get their job. Consider your personal ethics in situations like this.

Most companies will have some form of job posting. This could be in the form of a bulletin board at various locations around the building or a booklet or electronic bulletin or newsletter.

A simple way of finding out what job openings there are in your company is to contact the personnel department. You can also simply ask a colleague or the manager of the department you would like to work.

Resume or CV

Do you still need a resume or CV when applying for another job within your company?  Sometimes. Usually you have already submitted a resume or cv at your first job application and this will be in your file at personnel.

It would be a good idea however, to ask to see this file in order to make any additions. For example, if you have been at your current job for years it would do you well to update your outdated resume on file. Add your experience and certainly any courses, job training and seminars you may have followed.

You may require to do training or you may lack a certain qualification. While at the personnel department ask what the possibilities are.

Your personnel or Human Resource (HR) department will tell you what is necessary for the job interview, if anything. Introducing yourself to your (new) boss should be a priority.

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