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Preparing for an interview

Your resume or curriculum vitae (CV)

Before you go off to present yourself you need to be sure you have everything ready.

  • Is your resume in order?
    • Did you write it yourself? Sometimes having someone else write it is a better idea. Find someone who believes you are the right person for the job.
    • Did you check it for spelling errors? Typos and spelling errors are not the same, the one is understandable, the other unforgivable.
    • Did you check dates and other data?
    • Does your motivation come across? The cover letter is an introduction to yourself and your interest in the job, not a novel about your life.
  • Did you make copies for yourself? Give the agency or employer an original print but always have a copy for yourself.
  • Don't give out original references, keep those for yourself. Give out copies.

A good resume puts you ahead again of any competition. Make sure it is easy to read and easy to scan across for relevant data. Don't make it too long or design a complicated table. Employers want to get at the information quickly to make assessments. Who knows how many resumes they have to wade through. Make yours stand out by its simplicity and straightforwardness.

How to... write a good resume and resume writing tips

If you know you cannot make a good resume, get help. Find someone you know who can to do it for you. If there's no one, get examples from the following sites or spend some money and have it done for you.


Resume writing tips

Free resume examples

Resume portfolios


"If your resume gets you interviews, even if you don't get the job, you know you're on the right track."
Victor Dago, Links999

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