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If you feel your qualifications are lacking for the job (of your dreams) it may be worth your while to get some training first to improve your chances.

To bring your knowledge up to date you don't need to go into a study frenzy lasting months or even years. A couple of short, targeted lessons may be all you need to get that extra piece of paper.

Even if you do not have impressive diplomas or degrees, showing a prospective  employer that you are willing to do training, that you have and are still doing so to keep up to date in your field, puts you ahead of someone who hasn't or doesn't.

There are several reasons why a training course can significantly increase your chances to either get a better position (promotion) at the organisation you currently work for or to improve your chances to land a better (paid) job.

New to the job market

Even young people who have just finished their education, be it secondary or college/university level, may find that they still lack the right skills to land a good job. Don't despair after another rejection. Just because you have proven you can learn does not mean an organisation will hire you right away.

Especially if you did not specialize your education, you may well lack the knowledge required. Taking a short training course to bring you up to date can be the answer.

Re-entering the job market

When re-entering the job market your old skills may need renewing as much as you yourself need to get back into the routine. You can either prepare yourself with a complete course or a training program aimed at refreshing your skills.

Get paid while you (re)train

At the job interview itself you can successfully negotiate with your prospective employer that you already have the course information at hand to bring you fully up to date and that you are ready to sign up for it provided they foot the bill. Sounds unbelievable? It will happen if you talk about it.

An employment contract is easily adjusted to protect your employer and yourself if they agree to pay your way. Most contracts already have a Training Clause (See also Employment Contracts) and there is nothing wrong with showing initiative right from the start.

We have selected a number of on and off line training centers which specialize in technology and computer related training. Feel free to browse through their information, there is no obligation. Note that not all centers will provide their services internationally.


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