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Job databases

Job databases

Searching through a job database

On your approach to the job market you either have a job in mind or you are simply interested in what is available and whether you qualify or not. Browsing the on line databases is an excellent way to help you focus on what you want.

Some of these databases are exhaustive and you may easily lose yourself or your intent reading about all those wonderful jobs and the money and other benefits they offer. Stay focused, however. Start with a general search, say "technology" and then do a more specific search, for example "computer sciences".

While the job title may not contain the key words you are looking for, the job description might. If you are specialized in one particular area this is the often only way to find anything. If the search turns up nothing, refine your search, check the site index for a listing of job categories, for example.

Take your time

Don't hurry, this is important. Plan a day or afternoon or evening to do only this. A new job or career move is an important decision in your life and affects your whole life and possibly that of others around you for years to come. Take the time to do it right. Involving your spouse if you have one, or someone else, is a good idea as they can point out relevant details. They know you!

Submitting to databases

Before you submit your details a word of caution. The internet is an open medium, magnificent as it is, and, while more and more sites offer secure forms to input your personal information, make sure that they are before you do.

  • Don't give information not asked for specifically.

  • Be careful with addresses, date of birth, social security numbers and especially credit card information unless you intend to pay for a service.

A well-detailed resume or CV gives a lot of information about yourself, your lifestyle, your interests, your income, your location without even giving any specifics. This information can simply be derived from the data you do give out.

Resumes and curriculum vitae. I want to see if my resume is a killer or a blank.

Most modern employment agencies give and send out your professional details without giving any personal information. This is to protect them from a company contacting you directly and so avoiding agency fees, but it also protects your privacy in that the companies who receive this information do not know who you are.

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